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The Joker

The Joker
"Best of Show" and
Gold Winner

Lange Design will help you solidify your advertising and marketing
strategy, refine your corporate identity and strengthen the
branding of your product line.

"Working in the creative process is what I love to do. I’ve been captivated
by art as long as I can remember.... as a kid I used to watch my
dad do pencil illustrations and was fasinated by the lines creating
an image that came to life as he worked! I love design and
illustration and I even worked for several years as
a commercial photographer."

Denis Lange also is a lifelong model builder and has won 37
National Awards in Horror, Super Hero and Fantasy. "One of the
great things of model building is that I can utilize all aspects of my
art in the building and painting process; sculpting, mixing
colors and washes, shading and adding depth with
pastels and airbrushing... I want my work to look like
they will "come to life" at any moment!"